Citizen of Nowhere

Citizen of Nowhere is a series of projects exploring how the arts can engage new disruptive technologies in order to have a positive influence on civil society. In the age of Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism we have seen new technologies have an unprecedented effect on the direction of travel. Citizen of Nowhere sees artists, technologists and civil society partners work together to influence and change this direction of travel. The first Citizen of Nowhere festival was a collaboration between GalinskyWorks, National Theatre of Scotland and NEON Digital Arts Festival in Dundee.

The programme presented a series of art works engaging with these themes as well as a two day artist-technologist ‘collider’ co-created with Lizzie Hodgson of and Bill Thompson of BBC Digital R&D. Read more about it here, and here.

GalinskyWorks and partners are currently planning a series of new commissions as part of the Citizen of Nowhere series for 2021 and beyond.

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